Freshness and Elegance

Simple, fresh and delicious, are the secrets of the original sushi! We will add you the elegance! Travel with us in a world of sensations without leaving your place!

Good Location and Excellence

Come and enjoy the Japanese flavors in a cozy and minimalist space where we excel for excellence. Visit us and be amazed by a true explosion of colors and flavors!

Brighten your day and surprise your palate

Fresh flavors that warm the soul, are proof that the magic melts in every dish! In our space you will find a team of Sushiman's with wide experience and wisdom, both in the preparation and careful selection of the freshest ingredients, especially the Fish that is 100% Portuguese.


  • Japanese & Sushi Restaurant
  • Combined sushi and sashimi
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Fish carpaccio
  • Tasting Menu

We are a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine and traditional Sushi that, according to experts, is the most original and healthy. Each dish of ours provides a unique experience ... One piece, one destination, one thousand trips!

  • Minimalist and geometric
  • Fresh fish from our sea
  • Richness of flavors
  • Different textures
  • Healthier Cooking!

The combined of sushi and sashimi present a variety of 7 different fishes. Doubles that the palate does not dispense!

  • The perfect combination
  • 100% fresh ingredients
  • Seven varieties of fish
  • Watered with lots of inspiration

Called Japanese pancakes, are made from pointed head cabbage - afterwards it can be made with meat or shellfish. Hot tones, fresh ingredients!

  • Japanese pancakes
  • Made from vegetables
  • With meat stuffing
  • With shellfish stuffing

Fish Carpaccio - With chef's special sauce, made with soy sauce and citrus fruit that is slightly spicy. Textures that melt in your mouth and turn into special moments!

  • Portuguese fish
  • Finest Slices
  • Special sauce
  • Slightly spicy

With the tasting menu are served 6 different dishes which includes hot dishes, sushi and sashimi. Irresistible pleasures!

  • Six different dishes
  • Hot dishes
  • Sushi
  • Sashimi
  • Pleasure from start to finish


Reasons to choose us

Extended Time

We have an extended schedule for our clients' convenience. Our kitchen is open until 23:00h!


Located in the historical center of Porto, in the Cais da Ribeira, in one of the oldest areas of the city and with a breathtaking view. Come and enjoy it!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The freshness of our ingredients makes all the difference in the taste of our dishes. Resisting is an impossible mission! The odds of getting addicted are endless!

Our Services

Japanese Cuisine and Sushi with Portuguese fish. The result of a happy marriage between gastronomy and creativity.




We have all the ingredients for you to choose our space for your Birthday Dinner. A cozy space with refinement, personalized attention and a high quality kitchen with textures that melt in your mouth and become special moments!


Jantares de grupo

Food always tastes better when it's shared, so even group dinners are always good excuses to join friends / colleagues at the table. Come taste our menus and surprise yourself on a true flavors voyage!


Come and party with us

Our challenge is to present the Japanese flavors, using Portuguese fish, thus awakening palates that make you daydream!

We want to make a difference with 100% fresh products, dedication to work and professionalism.

We selected a team with clear ambitions to make a difference in the friendliness and personalized service, making Cais 35 Sushi Restaurant in your space of choice!

We have for you, a carte of details full of flavor and intensity! Pure pleasure from start to finish!

About us

  • We are located in the privileged zone of the center of Oporto, with more than 400 years of history and UNESCO World Heritage.

  • The Space has recently been refurbished respecting the antiquity of the facilities, bringing comfort and refinement in a place with history..

  • In the Japanese Restaurant Cais 35 Sushi, the culture, the tradition, the quality of the prepared dishes and the well serve are together at the same table.

  • A space where you can enjoy our delicacies, filled with sublime flavors, delicate and with a touch of boldness!

  • For discerning people looking for a differentiated food, Cais 35 sushi is the ideal place to taste new flavors. In our space you will find a team of Sushiman's with wide experience and wisdom, both in the preparation and in the careful selection of the freshest ingredients, mainly Fish.

  • Dedicated to Japanese cuisine with a contemporary touch, we make a daily choice of the best ingredients for the preparation of our dishes, where we highlight the 100% fresh Portuguese fish.

  • The success is in the quality and motivation of the work team, formed by competent professionals, and having as priority the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Enter a world of delicious sensations with the best view of the city!

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  • Address

    Cais da Ribeira, 35
    4050-510 Porto, Portugal

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  • Phone / Take Away

    +351 910 153 414
    (call to the national mobile network)

  • Extended time for you

    from 12:00h to 15:00h
    and from 19:00h to 23:00h
    Closed on Monday